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Add podcasts to a playlist and shuffle through all of them.

Add podcasts to a playlist and shuffle through all of them.

Currently I'm learning japanese and I'd like to use podcasts as "background noise" while I work.

For that purpose, I found several podcasts that are in japanese.

How can I create a playlist that includes all episodes of all podcasts and shuffles through them?

I read that spotify introduces playlists for podcasts but that only seems to be available on the App right now and it should take forever to add all the podcast episodes manually. Also then they wouldn't be up to date all the time.

Thank you very much!

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Hi there @MattDeox,

thanks for posting !


Unfortunately, adding a Podcast to a playlist isn't an exsisting feature on the Desktop app just yet.


Feel free to visit the "Ideas" section of the community, post your suggestion and have other users add their +VOTE or comments to promote the idea.


Hope this helps 🙂



Well, I can also add the podcasts to the playlist on my iphone if necessary as long as I can listen to them on my Desktop.


I saw you suggested to add them all to the queue and add them to a playlist from the queue but how would I do this? At the queue I don't see 3 dots to add all those songs to a playlist.

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