⚡ Adding to "Now Playing" ⚡


⚡ Adding to "Now Playing" ⚡


Plan: Premium

Country: UK

Device: Surface / Android

Operating System: (Windows 10)


Please can anyone answer me this?

When I choose a play list and right click, Add to Queue, the list content is added immediately to the Next in Queue section rather than to the END of the Next Up section of the "Play Queue" screen. This means that if I am playing an album, the newly added content is place bang in the middle of my playing content - played after the current song.


How I can prevent the contents of a playlist when being added to the Play Queue, whereby it is interrupting my currently playing playlist? See Image


Surely adding new content to the play queue should be added onto the end of the play queue and not be the next songs to play immediately?

Better still, give the user the choice, "Play Next" or "Add to Queue" when right clicking content to play.


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