After I open the app, no artists show in the Artist tab.


After I open the app, no artists show in the Artist tab.





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After I startup my computer, Spotify is the first app I open unless otherwise. So after I'd open the app, and it loads the Home tab, I'd check the Artist tab under the Your Library menu, and it shows absolutely NONE of my saved artists, not even the ones that have been there for longterm. It will just say "Your favorite artists will appear here. Click Browse to find them" or something like that...Well then I'd log out then log back in and check it again and it will actually show them. Explain???? I'm using the latest version and it's even done this on the very last version before the last update I got. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app (Right after a computer crash..) I checked it again and it did the same. thing. I'm serious. What's going on?? Why does it hate me like this? Does it just not want me to see my artists?? me...It could be my computer but I have some doubts on that...I would put an attachment here but I just patched the issue again and I don't wanna replicate the issue one more time just to screenshot it.

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Re: After I open the app, no artists show in the Artist tab.

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Hey there @LAVIO

thanks for reaching out to the community !


What happens if you don't log out/back in and you check that tab a bit later? 

Do you still see the same message?

Have you tried using a different internet connection for the process ?


The reason why i'm asking these questions is because logging out and back in forces a sync between the device and account information.

An unstable internet connection at start up may interuppt the process.


On top of what written, reinstallation of the app with these steps

can only help the process.


Waiting on your update :)

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Re: After I open the app, no artists show in the Artist tab.


yeah, no, i reset my computer recently and it is having a flock of different problems now. First when I try to log in it takes a long time then says something about the firewall blocking it when the computer is the one doing this and I've tried to fix it myself but it always turns off firewall every single time i turn it on and i always have to go through this first and apparently check the proxy settings even though i'm not running on a proxy

ANOTHER problem that has spiked: recently, old artists who i've unliked all songs from and unfollowed COMPLETELY still show up on home screen in "Your Favorite Albums and Songs". other places too like "made for you" sometimes and i hate it i don't want anything to do with them anymore and it stresses me. here's a screenshot i just took