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Album Art Not Showing Up

Album Art Not Showing Up





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Windows 10


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Grey, empty box where album art should be. Current version is I've already reinstalled Spotify completely twice. Erased appdata folder and everything, but this issue has not resolved.


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I have the same on the Mac. It seems that Spotify has removed yet another feature. It goes on and on: Lyrics, time/duration, iTunes-playlists and now artwork of the current song. There is no way to get to your currently palyed song, other than scrolling. It's absolutely ridiculous. Years have gone by with Spotify doing absolutely NOTHING for their premium-subscribers. Even adding so much as 'year of release' to the columnview is too much for them. It's time to check Apple Music.

Did you try to resize the left pane? It may solve the issue.


Here's another thread which seem to be about the same issue (though it could also just be a new/different bug):

Yes that solved the issue. Thanks!

The difference between my issue and that one is that theirs has no picture at all. Resizing brings back their hidden album art, but with mine it is there but is blank.

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