Album art not loading for local files


Album art not loading for local files

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Windows 8.1


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My Spotify is not loading the album artwork of my local files. The album art shows perfectly on the music program of my phone and in other desktop programs (e.g. VLC media player), but it refuses to show them on Spotify. It only shows a blank black box.


I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, resizing my playlist column, deleting/moving my local files and putting them back again in the local music folder,  restarting my laptop and even installing the newest Spotify update. Nothing so far has worked to show the album artwork. 

I'm currently using version

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Re: Album art not loading for local files


Here's a workaround for what you're experiencing. Spotify has a programming glitch: if a filename or folder has an apostrophe in it, it won't recognize album cover metadata and will give you the hated black box. Simply remove all the apostrophes in your filenames and folders, close Spotify and open it again (I've found that is faster than going into the settings, switching off the local files and switching them back on again -- repopulating can take up to an hour, depending on how many local files you have).


Re: Album art not loading for local files

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I had the same problem. Fixed it by downloading a program called Mp3tag. Load it up, click File/Change directory (up the top left) then select the folder where all your local music is stored for spotify.

Go through the list to the songs you want to play on spotify and make sure the image file (will pop up on the meta data list on the left) is visible. Now I'm not entirely sure what fixed it, but I found manually uploading a new album image file and saving it seemed to fix the issue. For other songs it seemed to still be bugged but getting the image file to be no larger than 300x300 seemed to help (no idea why). 

Basically just run mp3tag and fiddle with it and it should eventually work. Just took a little bit of trial and error for me. Just make sure after you've made the changes, you right click on the song in the list and click 'save tag'.