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All songs In library come up as "unavailable" and won't play

All songs In library come up as "unavailable" and won't play






Asus (Microsoft, Windows 10)

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Windows 10


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 Since Christmas everytime I go into my library then click on "Songs" and try to play ANY song in my songs list, it comes up with a message saying "Unavailable" and refuses to play any song and I have over 1000k. I've placed an image below to show the message. It plays songs from other peoples playlists fine! just never mine. Any help would be lovely!

why is it doing this.JPG
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Is the same problem occuring on different devices? Also, have you tried removing the song, and putting it back on to see if the problem occurs again?

Also check if spotify needs an update.


Im sure an email/employer can help you out if none of the above suggestions work.

It's only doing this on the Online version (Pc, Spotify Web player) it works fine on my phone and other phones. Also I've tried removing and adding in the songs and nothing. it's just not doing the thing. Thank you for trying though 🙂

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