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Annoying black screen issue with Spotify desktop app

Annoying black screen issue with Spotify desktop app

Lately it's been taking an excessively long time for the desktop app to load on my laptop and it stays on a black screen, during which I can't access stuff like my playlist or queue or change the volume. It usually stays on a black screen for 5 to 10 minutes after it loads. It always happens after booting my laptop, which only has Chrome, Spotify and a few small apps enabled on startup. After it starts Spotify on startup it stays on the black screen for several minutes. This probably has something to do with the limited RAM of my laptop and Spotify probably taking a lot of it but it used to load the home page quicker, since a certain update a few months ago the loading times got inflated. Idk if freeing up space on my laptop will do anything against this. Also idk if I the only one who has this problem. I'd really like to fix this but I have no idea what's causing this.

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