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App crashes when I click "go back" at the top left.

App crashes when I click "go back" at the top left.

I'm not sure if it only happens when I am in certain playlists. Today I thought I saw "close" pop up when I moused over the 'go back' button instead of 'go back' but when I moved the mouse some more I couldn't reproduce it. When I clicked 'go back' it went back but a minute or so later as I was navigating, I wasn't paying attention to the screen and when I clicked the 'go back' button the app closed.

I really just have no idea what is happening or why. This is what I am running.

Spotify for Windows
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Hey there!

Welcome to the Community. Sorry to see this has been happening to you!
If the issue occurs frequently enough, could you upload a link to a screen recording of it so that we can take a look?

This aside, the app may be faulty or your system resources may be occupied by other apps, forcing the Spotify one to crash.
This can be checked via the Task Manager of you PC (under the Processes tab). Anything that is using too many system resources gets flagged in orange/red 🙂

In case you can't reproduce the issue and everything looks within norms in the Task Manager, we could try reinstalling the app to see if that makes a difference.
To do so, click here and navigate to Clean reinstall.

If installing the app from our website doesn't solve the issue, as a last resort before we go any further, you may repeat the abovementioned steps again, installing the Spotify app version from the Microsoft app store instead.
As it is optimized for Windows use, trying it out is worth a shot!

Let us know how it goes~~

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