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App window not maintaining its size in Windows 10 w/ multiple screens

App window not maintaining its size in Windows 10 w/ multiple screens

I have problem with the Windows 10 app behaving strangely, seems to be a bug, possibly due to my dual-screen setup.


When I resize the window to fit my main screen (i.e. smaller than my screen), it only stays this size as long as it's not minimised. The moment I minimise the window and restore it again it defaults to a huge size, larger than my screen size, forcing me to resize it manually every time so that it fits on the screen again.


My guess is that it could have something to do with my 4K projector being connected (via AVR) acting as a second desktop (3840x2160), with my main desktop being 3440x1440, so perhaps the app sets a default size for the 4K display, despite it not being on it?


I tried resetting and reinstalling the app, no change.

It's obviously a bug, as the window should simply remain the same size after being resized.

See screenshots below.

Please help!


Operating System

Windows 10 Pro 10.0.19043


After resizing window, before minimising:

After resizing window, before minimising itAfter resizing window, before minimising it

After minimising the window and restoring it again:

After minimising the window and restoring it againAfter minimising the window and restoring it again


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Just piling on here.  This is a constant frustration for me too on a large format screen Samsung Odyssey G9.

Me too. Doesn't matter what I do after I re-sized the Spotify window on my desktop, it always expands to a much larger window after I minimize and re-open it. I have to re-size it just so I can see the play button which is way off the bottom of the screen 

Necrobumping this as it's still relevant. I see other threads being replied to saying Spotify can't do anything if you got dual monitors with different monitor sizes or frame rates etc. but I got two of the same screens at the same ratio and all that jazz. And on my own PC with a single monitor it's also still relevant. I'm 5 reinstallations+driver updates deep by now in the past 3 months.

Tthis no longer happens to me. However I have just one screen 150% dpi. Seems to be fixed in this case.

Confirmed - it seems to have fixed the resizing issue when I set my laptop screen to the same scale setting on both monitors.  Unfortunately, this is not ideal, but it does minimize and restore to the original size.  Spotify engineers now need to figure out how to use the scale of the displaying monitor when restoring.

happening here daily. windows 10, 4k res. 150% scaling. cheers.

No second screen?

just single 4k screen here

It's not solved for everyone else with multiple screens at different resolutions, can you keep the thread as unsolved please? 🙂

Yeah I would even consider the scaling setting a work around and not a solution.  I 100% do not want to set the scaling on my laptop screen to unreadable just so that Spotify will resize properly.  This is not solved.

Agreed. Not solved still acting like it doesnt know what the monitor resolution is. Be good to have the option of where to position your play button because have to resize everytime just to get to it. 

Maybe it's hard to belive but for me it's the reason why I'm no using spotify since 3 years. I can't belive that Spotify team is not able to solve such issue. 

Spotify team: DBeaver database IDE had a similar problem and I notice that they fixed it somehow where the scaling and window size/position stayed the same.  Maybe worth checking with them?

I believe this may be fixed now - working for me now (windows 8.1) - will see if it breaks again

Issue has returned

Bump, this is a very annoying bug, still happening to me on version (Windows 11). Happens every single time I restore the Spotify app window from minimised state onto one of my external monitors running 100% DPI scaling (triple monitor setup, laptop 4K @250% scaling + 2x 1080p monitors @100% scaling)
PLEASE allocate some time to resolve this, as others have mentioned, this is the only application I have ever had this issue with, and has been a problem for years now.

One repro step which I hope helps to track this issue down is that it the issue occurs when selecting Minimise on the open window after restore, however if I Close the window, and then reopen from the taskbar (I have enabled Spotify app to continue running in background etc) then the issue doesn't happen!

So I assume you have code running on the window Minimise event that is capturing DPI scaling settings of only "Monitor 1" for the system and using this value to set window size on restore.

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