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Artist & Song Radio "Follow" removal

Artist & Song Radio "Follow" removal

Spotify Premium, Web Player, iOS and Android

I have recently found that the "FOLLOW" feature has been removed for both Artist Radio and Song Radio functions. I was actually showing a friend your neat features compared to your competitors, and to my utter dismay, I found that one of my favorite features was removed!

So, Spotify Technology, could you please give us back this standard feature?

You marketed and positioned your product against the pirating scene and other streamimg services, but I can't justify paying for a service that fails to help me discover new music. The streaming market has matured to the point in which the loss of your "staple features" would quite literal cause me to fall away.

I'd expect this from early acces computer games where the feature sets and mechanics are being fleshed out, but this is a paid service with a level of features I come to expect day in and out. I'm just so disapointed....

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