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Automatically starts playing, changing device, skipping songs wth

Automatically starts playing, changing device, skipping songs wth

Hello there,


So I am using spotify premium on my windows PC, and on my android phone. 

There wasn't any problem yet, but today i was sleeping, and i wake for random **bleep**ty rap music playing.


Since then, spotify keep playing random music when it is idle, songs and playlists i never heard of (and don't want to).

It is even adding these **bleep**ty songs to my playlist what the **bleep**???


It's started to play random songs on my phone sometime.

Anyway, it is constantly changing to the next track after 30-60sec when i try to listen to music.

If i start my playlist, it is just changing to the next track, but sometimes shuffling is turning on randomly.


Plus i never used the "web player(chrome)", but now it's in my devices list....


Things i did already:

Changed password.

Log out of everything option.

Deleted fully (clean uninstall) from android and from PC either.

Deleted every leftover chache and stuff.

Reinstalled app from windows store, still nothing.

Turned off hardware acceleration.

Disconnected my keyboard (media buttons).

Restarted PC, reconnected to internet.


Now the spotify app installed only on my windows pc, and after all of these steps, it is doing the exact same thing.


Any help over here? 🙂

It is very annoying, and i don't want to quit using it.


Thanks and have a great day!



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Hey @vizeszsemle


Looks like your account has been accessed by a stubborn. Don't worry, you can still get it back 🙂


Follow the steps in this article (even if you already did do similar steps)!


Make sure you
1. use a stong password (long enough with numbers, mixed case letters, symbols)

2. just in case change password for the email account of yours (where you receive Spotify mails).
3. Use unique passwords - not using same password for Spotify, email and something else.


You can also try revoking access for apps you don't need. Lithium Community app is fine and safe.


If nothing works, check the article. 🙂


Hope it helps!

The answer to this problem is not solving the issue, i have the exact thing happening right now, i have my PC app, android phone app and Alexa (Echo Dot). A few nights ago Alexa woke us up in the middle of the night playing horrible rap music, i asked Alexa to stop, a few seconds later Alexa did the same thing, asked her to stop, then did it again for 3 more times, i had to unplug Alexa off the wall. I checked the connected devices and it was only my 3 devices mentiones before.


So i logged them all out, i changed password to one of those impossible to crack 98473 bit ones, guess what, Spotify keep playing this horrendous rap music.


I don't know if this is a new feature but im not liking it. I have my own music, I start playing it and after 3 or 4 songs it changes back to that rap thing. When im on my phone the music pauses over and over and over until you know what? i just don't play my music anymore. This is not something about someone hacking into your account, this is a terrible bug (feature) from Spotify that needs serious attention as it looks now to me is malicious and Spotify knows about this issue.


I keep getting email about new login sessions every now and then even though i selected to not receive any emails about any activity, I still get them, so i come and check what new login is this about, and i see there is no new activity from new devices at all. What THE HECK is going on?


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