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Available songs giving "This track is not available in your country" message on chrome

Available songs giving "This track is not available in your country" message on chrome







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For around a month now everytime I click on songs or playlists on other websites it keeps saying it's not available in my country, but when I click on the track and open it in spotify (spotify website or desktop app) it is available. Even linking my own playlists I can't listen to anything. If I'm lucky I get the 30 second previews (is this a feature only being able to listen to 30 seconds? I can't find information on this). I'm not using any local files. 

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Hey @user-removed.


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


This could be happening if the version of the song in the playlist isn't available in your country. There could be other versions that are available instead, which is why you can play them if you search for them on your desktop.


About the 30-second preview, this happens to any embedded Spotify playlist, but it should give you the option to go to Spotify to listen to the full version of the playlist.


Keep us posted.

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If I post songs individually or albums now I can listen to the previews, but if i post my own playlists with the same songs all still say not available in my country. So half of it seems fixed now at least.

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