[BUG] Can't drag songs around on WIndows 10


[BUG] Can't drag songs around on WIndows 10


Hi guys!


I need some help, already talked to Spotify via Twitter a lot but it didn't help me in anything, so, here it is: i simply cannot drag songs around on the Windows 10 desktop app! By this i mean, drag a song (or songs) up or down on any playlist (made by me, public, non-shared, with no filter), drag a song to another playlist, move a playlist to a folder and move songs on the queue.


It's weird because it was working months ago, and i tried on a windows 7 and it was working too, so i tried the compatibility mode and still not working. Actually, i tried everything, deleted and installed again, log out, security mode, compatibility mode... I just don't know what to do. It's working fine on a Mac i use at work, i guess it is a windows issue only. 


Anyway, here are the specifications:
Computer: a windows 10 up do date samsung expert X51.


PS: I have read all the other topics regarding this issue here, none of the solutions helped, i'm not using the web player, none of the playlist are sorted by artists, time, or anything, anyway, it's just not moving anything.


Thanks in advance!