[BUG] win 10 64 close button shifted to other screen on maximize

[BUG] win 10 64 close button shifted to other screen on maximize



Lenovo T490

Operating System:
Windows 10 64

My Question or Issue:

In expanded window, button group of 3 (minimize, close, and middle one) are shifted by one button to right and appears on other screen.


1. press restore down button on spotify
2. press left button on spotify window top line
3. move mouse all way to top, so it will drag window and expand it
4. in the end of screen, make little move to right
5. release mouse button

Easy way to describe: bump widow in top, so it will expand, but after hit in top, make little movement to the right. 

the bug appears when working on two monitors: a laptop monitor + a standard monitor.


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Hey there @hannadorosh


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


Would you mind letting us know if this has always happened or if it started happening after a specific event?


Also, could you send us a video of the issue happening so we can take a closer look? You can send a link to it or attach it using the Insert Video option in the post editor, just make sure to exclude any personal info from it. 


Keep us posted. 

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