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Banner ads playing over music

Banner ads playing over music

When in Desktop mode, the rolling banner ads that have sound play over the music. I don't see any way to mute or alter the ads. Pretty much destroys the experience.

11 Replies

I am having the same issue. 

Me too! Please help! I've only started experiencing this in the last 2-3 days. Interrupts basic song playback--one song will get interrupted anwhere from 5-20 times in the course of playback.

Restarting chrome seemed to work for about 30 mins, then banner ads started to return.

This issue manifests itself when playing songs that are quite long (16 minutes). The ad banner starts playing a video ad, while listening to the song, and there is no way to expand it or mute it or any other control to stop it.


Please see into it and have it fix. In general we need more controls over ads as well!!

I am having the same problem and not just with long songs.

I had the exact same issue yesterday and I responded by reinstalling spotify, which worked for a short while, but once again ads started playing over my music. This is getting quite frustrating.

Same issue for me too.  Posted about it earlier but this post explains it better.  Becoming extremely frustrating and is spoiling the listening pleasure.  Please someone at Spotify fix this asap - it's really annoying now

I have also been having trouble with this issue. Banner ads play over music tracks, and no apparent way to either close them or mute them. It was so intrusive several times that I just exited Spotify. Can't Spotify do something about this?


I contacted them through twitter last night and had to give them a note of the particular adverts it was happening with. Their advice was to reinstall Spotify which I haven't done as a few people have said they did this but it only lasted for a while before happening all over again. Haven't had any issues so far today but my Internet is currently down so can't keep check on it at the moment. Fingers crossed it'll be back to normal

Hey all!


There is an Issue posted about this. Please go to that Issue thread and post your details!


It's horrible, to be honest, and hopefully it will be addressed soon 🙂


Let me know if you have more questions!

I am having the same problem. I posted a "query" directly to Spotify but they e-mailed me back that I should post here. I also updated my version of Spotify but it did it again immediately when I opened the new version. For me, it is specifically a Tyson ad that plays constantly. If I "X" out of the ad it comes right back within a few seconds with the audio over top of the song that is playing. For some reason it doesn't seem to be any other ad. Until this issue is resolved I guess I won't be listening to Spotify because it is absolutely maddening! Can't enjoy the experience at all.

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