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Blurry Profile Picture (already tried older fixes)

Blurry Profile Picture (already tried older fixes)



Operating System

Windows 11
I am only experiencing this issue on the browser version of Spotify


My Question or Issue

Every image I upload for my profile picture looks fine initially, but when I refresh the page it becomes blurry and low quality.
I noticed this a few days ago, when my profile picture that had looked fine for months had turned blurry- I assumed it was just the picture and changed it to a new one, but it seems to be persistent across all images I use. All of them are high-res, uploaded from desktop, and are 1:1 squares.  I tried resizing the picture, using different file formats, etc., but it seems to be an problem with Spotify and not with the pictures I'm using. Playlist covers I upload work fine, and so do other people's profile pictures from my view. 


The only place I'm experiencing this issue is on the browser version of Spotify, which is the version I primarily use. Pictures looks fine on the desktop app. On mobile my profile picture hasn't updated at all from the old one for some reason (so maybe Spotify is just having issues with profile pictures in general right now???) I use Google Chrome, but I downloaded Firefox to check and the issue persists there too.

I would appreciate any suggestions, or even just knowing that other people are having this problem too ^^

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Hey @imjustegg,


Thanks for checking with us on the forum.


Sometimes it does take some time for the pictures to get fully synced up and it's possible that's the reason you're seeing it blurry.


We'd recommend giving it at least 48h to be sure that's the final result - by which time it should show up on all your devices as well.


If that's not the case for you, could you try uploading the picture via the desktop app to see if that makes a difference?


Keep us in the loop here.


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