Bring back the Appears On section you **bleep**ing **bleep**s


Bring back the Appears On section you **bleep**ing **bleep**s



How incompetent and mentally deficient do you have to be to get rid of such a necessary feature you brain-dead dipshits? I will **bleep**ing stop paying you right now if you're gonna do **bleep** like this just to make things harder. **bleep** you.

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Re: Bring back the Appears On section you **bleep**ing **bleep**s

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Rising Star 14

Hey there.

First of all, just to clarify, I'm not a Spotify employee. Now. I might've missed an update or so, but after reinstalling the Windows version of Spotify, I can still see the "Appears On" section at the bottom of an artist page. 

I just checked this, and I recommend having a look at this Spotify Community idea. This seems to be a technical bug, not an intended removal of the feature. Please go on the page I linked above, give it a + VOTE and, if possible, make a comment with the information Spotify staff requested on there to help the Spotify tech team fix this issue soon.

I hope my answer was somewhat helpful and I wish you a great Sunday!

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.