Bring some of the old features from Spotify back! (And a suggestion for a newer update)


Bring some of the old features from Spotify back! (And a suggestion for a newer update)



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Hi. I miss the old version of Spotify. I have been using Apple Music for a couple months because of the following changes. The Radio Stations: This may have been a change that happened a year ago, but I wish the song and artist radios were the way they used to be. They used to be the same as playlist radio where you could like/dislike a song, it would be never ending like a Daily Mix, and I could have unlimited skips (which I can anyway, its Premium) I just mean the songs would repeat after 50 songs which is very annoying. I dont like the new playlist style radios, they have frustrated the **bleep** out of me. I have been using Apple Music because it was like the old version of Spotify Radio. If I want anything remotely close to the old version, I have to download a second app called Spotify Stations?!? Makes no legit sense. Also I miss the radio tab at the bottom of the screen aswell. Another reason I have been using Apple Music is because of the new way of sorting my playlists and tracks. Aplhabetical sorting? Gone. The "For You" tab? Gone. The "Stations" tab? Gone. Another thing I dont like is how the "Browse" tab is integrated into the Search tab. Can you please fix all theese things? At least for my account? This has driven me crazy.


Also here is a suggestion for future updates. The "Duo Mix" and "Family Mix" both have options for Chill and Upbeat tracks only. This would be a great addition for Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes aswell. It would also be a great way to compare with Apple's "Chill Mix".



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I support what has been said here. It feels like there were some significant downgrades in overall functionning of Spotify Desktop / Mobile. 

 Currently, I have an open ticket which describes a bug of the "Hide this song" button in "Playlist Radio" which doesnt work. This basically means that I am not able at all to discover new songs, that are similar to songs in my playlists. 


The radio is actually the thing I hate the most now, and has been the reason for me to use Apple Music. It still works like Spotify used to.

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I would love to know where your open ticket regarding the "Hide this song" is - because it does not work for me either and it is frustrating the everlovin' daylights out of me.

I know right? It is really annoying


.... and no volume control from PC to chromcast/audio despite many mentions over 2 years.

Over the last year or so Spotify has seriously downgraded across the board and are seemingly uninterested in restoring requested features (like the artist page showing only songs you liked from them). Any suggestions for good alternatives to Spotify?

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Hey all,


Thanks for reaching out and giving some feedback on the recent changes! 


An Idea about bringing back the old Radio design has been created here. You can go to it, click +VOTE to support it and subscribe to get info on how it goes. 

If you have other suggestions for features you'd like to see implemented, feel free to check if there's already an existing Idea about it and if not, you can be the first to submit it.

We hope this helps! 

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Either Apple Music or Tidal... I will be switching to Apple Music soon.