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[Bug] Artists available but unplayable on any device.

[Bug] Artists available but unplayable on any device.




Desktop, Laptop, Sony Xperia z5 (E6653)

Operating System

Windows 10, Android 7.1.1


My Question or Issue

 [Songs that were playable a moment ago are locked up the next moment]

All of a sudden certain artists have beomce unplayable on all of my devices, displaying the "This song is unavailable..." message on Windows 10 clients. 
The bug first appeared on my mobile device but soon spread to the others as well.

I have tried many solutions offered on the forum, such as: Reinstalling from Microsoft store, deleting cache in Windows as well as on Android, signing out of all devices and re-loging, loging in only through Facebook on all devices, loging in only through username and password, loging in with a mix of both, disabling all enhancements on my audio devices in Windows 10, etc. 

At first, reinstalling from Microsoft store seemed to work and all the tracks of these artists were available and playable. That was untill I tried to play the song on my mobile device through the "available devices" function. The song would stop playing with the "now playing" bar at the bottom of the mobile device disappearing. Then the songs became unplayable again and that's basically where I'm at right now.

It might be worth mentioning that this affects whole discographies, not certain songs. For example, the artists Mastodon, The Mars Volta and Green Day are completely unplayable. 

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Actually got the same issue on my android 8.0 and macbook pro. With different artists though.

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