Can I print out my Spotify playlists?


Can I print out my Spotify playlists?

A question from a technically challenged person. I set up a number of spotify playlists for my wife's birthday. I want to be able to print the playlists so that I can give her the lists of songs. I can't figure out how to do that. Ctrl/P does not seem to work. Clicking on File does not seem to do it. The Help section does not help.


It seems that this should be easy to do, but my technical limitations are preventing me from finding a way to print the playlists. 

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tanx IT WORKED 😄


Thanks, worked.


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Thanks for this - nice and simple, the way things should be!

Hey, i tried compiling this code in Dev-C++ and ran the exe in a folder with bnk playlist files but nothing happens. 


I have some bnk files from my old account that i would like to migrate to the current one so the only thing i have are the BNK files. I need to export them in to a list or somehow import them in to my current account with a different username.

Has anyone figured out how to add the minutes to the list when you are copying the playlist? I teach group cycle and it would b helpfull to know how long a song is.

There is no way to attach other metadata with this.

@geted wrote:
I developed, a new app last week to export some playlists on flat file (CSV); then you can read it by Excel for example.

You'll find more details here: export to text

So, it's in french but you just have to download the zip file, unzip it to your <My documents>/Spotify, run Spotify and execute this command: spotify:app:exportcsv

I'm getting a 'Forbidden' error at that link. 


I'm really just trying to find a way to backup my entire Spotify library - all playlists in 1 shot to any text file format so i have a reference of all the tracks & playlist data in case there is data loss.  It makes me very uneasy having to rely on Spotify for all the work & time spent.  Like with any other app, it's essential to backup data to external drives or what have you.  In this case Spotify offers no way to export the library or perform any type of backup, which is honeslty very unprofessional.

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unfortunately these instructions do not work on a Mac (os x).  anyone know how to select, copy, and paste multiple songs in spotify, for some reason I cannot select multiple songs on my Mac, it only allows me to select one song which then does not copy and paste:(



I just made a TamperMonkey script that allows you to generate a text string with the playlist contents.


You must use the web version of Spotify to play it, in a browser with this TamperMonkey extension installed, and with my script installed in TamperMonkey.


To do this, first install TamperMonkey, and then use the address. The extension will consider is for its use, and will install it.


Then go to your spotify playlist URL, wait for all the tracks to show in the browser and click the button that will appear.


Thanks!  For example, was able to obtain these url for the tracks by copying one by one, how do i import these links/urls into regular song titles in regular text for use and printing in Word or Notepad...


Thanks again, much appreciated, this is for our wedding playlist:)


Thanks again!!!

You have to put this tracks in a playlist and then generate the playlist URL link.


Then open this URL in a Chrome Browser (not in the Spotify Application) with TamperMonkey extension and my script, and you will have the text list of all songs in that playlist.



is there a better way because i cannot copy my entire list to the message..I am limited to 20,000 characters?

ONLY USE hpguru's solution if your playlist is tiny.  instead of pasting to this message board paste it to an email and then copy it form your email into a word document (this message board only allows 20,000 characters per message....not good for this purpose)

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