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Can't Share to followers, the button is greyed out

Can't Share to followers, the button is greyed out

Desktop version, premium user


I want to share a song to my followers, I follow them and they follow me, but the share button is greyed out, I have my friends feed at view, what I share would show up in their feed?, 


Can't I  share because I don't have any social media account connected with spotify?....


I'm able to send a song to an specific friend.....

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I've got The same problem on my iPhone. I can't share my music to my followers and i don't see their posts!?

yo yo yo yo yo ahahah take off "private mode" seriously, i just had the same problem, figured it out real quick. go to the settings on spotify and just deselect or select the green slidey for maximum share-idge 🙂 spafe

Spotify removed the option to message your friends, which in turn also removed the option to share music with them directly. The only way to share music now is by using social media: Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. You can also copy the link of the song/playlist and send it as a text message on your phone.



It's gone!!! They decided "no more sharing for you!!!"


What other features have they removed lately??  

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