Can't connect with Facebook - HELP!


Can't connect with Facebook - HELP!

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Hi there. 

Well, my girlfriend just registered on Spotify and then wanted to link this account with facebook.

But she can't. 

Whenever she tries to log in to facebook via the Spotify player she gets an error message which you can see on the picture below.

There you will see the log in window of spotify and in the background a browser tab. This browser tab is what appears when she clicks on the facebook button in the spotify frame. And then all she can do is to repeat this. As affairs now stand, she can't link her spotify account with her facebook account. 

PS: She also disabled her firewall which didn'T change a thing. So we cann be sure, the firewall has nothing to do with it.

Error tab.jpg



So does anyone know about this issue and even a solution? That would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't connect with Facebook - HELP!

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Has she tried linking it through the web player? tell me if this solved her issue!

Re: Can't connect with Facebook - HELP!

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Signing in with Facebook will not link Facebook to your current account. It will just make a new Spotify account with Facebook.


You need to sign in with your Spotify account and then in the app click on File --> Preferences and scroll down to "Social Network" and connect it to Facebook there. 


You might be getting the desktop communication failed error because the Facebook account has login approvals turned on in settings. To fix it, turn that setting off on the Facebook website or read this:

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Re: Can't connect with Facebook - HELP!

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Hi there,


She could try to manually connect to facebook using the link below:

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