Can't download local data


Can't download local data




I started using Spotify Premium on my Windows PC and Iphone5 today. I am not able to download random files of my local data. I put them in a playlist. Some work, others don't. When I restart the download sometimes some of the files work but I loose other music files. I am not able to download a full playlist at all.

Could you please help me? I already deinstalled spotify on my desktop and also on my phone but it did not help. They are mp3 files. I would really need your help to listen to my favourite remixes... Thank you. :)

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Re: Can't download local data


Hi and welcome to the Spotify Community!


I'm not completely sure what your issue is, but I assume that you are trying to add local files to your library. There is a possibility that Spotify doesn't know where to look. You can select the right location to Spotify by going to Edit > Preferences > Local Files > Add a source



Let me know if this answers your question!