Can't find any song on PC Spotify


Can't find any song on PC Spotify








Custom Build PC

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Windows 10 64-bit 

My Question or Issue

 I have really big issue with Spotify on PC, can't find/see any song, even in playlists made by spotify, i don't know what's happened but on phone everything works fine.

This happened after a reinstall of spotify because i cannot play some songs which were available.

If someone know how to fix that issue, please help me with that.cant see any songcant see any songfavorite songs gonefavorite songs gone

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Re: Can't find any song on PC Spotify


This is very Bad problem.. My spotify has been keeping some songs unplayable for some time now. Sometime it allows me to play them, but sometimes it wont. It keeps doing same thing with different users. When i try to add em to play queue, it just displays "NaN" as a lenght of a Song. No information of the song. Today i reinstalled spotify only to discover it had lost all songs. Nothing on my playlists, hottest playlists or suggested playlists. Also today i discovered that i couldn't access Spotify web player -web page. Internet connection was fine but when i tried to access or Told me that My Internet connection wasnt fine. Other websites and connections worked fine at The same time. worked good.


I use Windows 8


PS. Your comment section page captha-check sucks.. i had to confirm myself as a person 5 times while writing this on my phone


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