Can't log in / play music on Desktop app


Can't log in / play music on Desktop app

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I have been using the Spotify app in my workplace (personal use) behind a corporate proxy with the proxy settings set on the Settings page. However, the app stopped playing any music last week. Songs in my playlists appear grayed out and none of them can be played, and the blue top bar with error "No connection" is displayed. This started to happen with version

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app (version, however I now can't log in (even if I set the proxy settings):



I have no issue with the app installed on my personal home computer as well as smartphone.

What could be the problem?


Please note that I am behind a corporate proxy and I cannot get the IT department to open any additional ports. There has been no change in our network configuration and the app was working earlier, probably 10 days ago or so.

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Hey there @hulkhan,

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As you mentioned that the app works just fine on your own devices, i cannot provide any further help.


Your workplace might have been running changes on your network although you think they haven't (changing Proxy address or something else) which may cause the blockage.

Error 112 is related to connectivity issue and/or anti-virus/firewall bloackage which support my asnwer.


Hoep this sheds some light 🙂

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I have the same issue, but with error 4.

It worked fine with 443/80 through the corporate proxy. In fact, using spotify on the browser still works fine, it's just the desktop app that has stopped working. It's as if it ignores the proxy settings.