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Can't play albums/individual songs on Spotify Windows app

Can't play albums/individual songs on Spotify Windows app






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Hi all,


I am unable to play any albums or individual songs, other than in playlists of mine, on the Spotify windows app. Both the direct from Spotify version and on the Windows store.


Clicking play just see's absolutely nothing happen. And before Spotify tech replies, yes I have logged out, reinstalled, clean install etc.


Has anyone else had this and/or been able to fix?



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Hi @kelsh003



This sounds like an Ongoing Issue affecting many Spotify users. Could you please read this post and confirm if your problem is the same?

If your problem is the same as the post I linked above, please read and follow the instructions in the Status update section.





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Hi! Many thanks, following the top answer in that post looks to have fixed it for now 😄 many thanks!

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