Can't play all songs in library


Can't play all songs in library

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The Windows desktop player used to have "Songs" under "Library" but this option has disappeared. Do I really need to go through every single album in my library and click "Like"? If so, that's insanely user-hostile.




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Windows 10


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I am having the same problem, but it appears to only be happening on my desktop. My iPhone app is fine...for now. Super irritated. Spotify may lose a LOT of customers if they don't restore this function. I probably had a couple hundred songs from a variety of artists saved on that list. I don't see an option to "add to liked songs" (which is still on the desktop menu) when I tap the ... next to a song on my iPhone. Either way, I don't want to waste my time "liking" a whole bunch of songs I've already saved just because Spotify decided to change things up and didn't think it through.