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Can't play any songs on desktop app

Can't play any songs on desktop app

I have Windows 10, and everytime i try to play a song it's just stuck loading. My playlists are completely empty and takes ages to load. In the bottom left where the album cover is supposed to be, it's just a black vinyl thing. Every song I've tried to listen to, won't load. It happened when I did a clean reinstall, but everything worked perfectly before that. I've since tried to do a clean reinstall three times, but it hasn't worked. I've also checked the troubleshooting page, but none of it worked. (It doesn't have anything to do with my internet). Furthermore, I've tried to do it on the web player, but that's a whole other problem. Every time I go to "" on Chrome it says: "Can't connect to this site" (I have internet). It doesn't work on Microsoft Edge either. It also says i have to control my proxy and firewall. If you want to know, I have the free version.


Thanks in advance.

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Hey @trstnd!


The desktop app is a bit buggy at the moment but it is definetely being looked on as you can see the moderators response here. You can track it from that thread and vote for it so it will catch more attention. I hope this will get fixed soon. 



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