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Can't play anything from Green Day

Can't play anything from Green Day

So the situation is that when I press "Shuffle play" for Green Day the only song that comes up is one that they did together with another band. I can't listen to any of their songs. If I double click on one of their song in one of my playlists it simply says "Not Available" even though the song names aren't greyed out. This only applies to Green Day in particular, and only for my account. It does however reappear on my other devices.


EDIT: Messaged the Spotify support, they told me to reinstall the app (sigh) but stated they would further investigate the issue. Hopefully it will be fixed in the near future.

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Having this issue as well on client version 1.0.65 and on my android phone. Certain artists just won't play. Contacted Spotify support last night and got a response this morning from them.


Here is a snippet of their response to me. "We've had our technical folks look into your case and we'd like to let you know that the best fix for this is to help you create a new account. This is an isolated issue and at this point, it's what we recommend for you to be able to use Spotify seamlessly."


I refuse to believe this is just an isolated issue and that I need to create a new account when it seems multiple other people are having this issue as well. I hope this issue gets addressed soon.

I have the exact same issue. Certain artists are unplayable on 1.0.65.


Also got the response from Spotify Support to create a new account.


I have temporarily fixed this issue by going back to 1.0.64. Here is a download link for that version:

Thanks for the link. Now I just need to find the APK for an older version for Android because I use Spotify on my phone 95% of the time.

I also mainly use the android app. I did some digging and found this: I tried version and it works like before!

Awesome, thank you so much for those APKs! The latest one in the list worked for me. Let's hope the next update actually addresses these issues that seem to be plagueing the forums right now.

Hello salmonsushee.


This seems like an odd issue. 

I don't think that someone is trying to prevent you from listening to Green day song. 😄

Have you tried restarting the spotify app, maybe you should try restarting your pc and if this doesn't work you might have to re install the spotify player 

Here you can read about how you re install:D 

It got resolved after an update, in the meantime I had to use an older

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