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Can't play lots of music due to update

Can't play lots of music due to update

Since the new update tons of music became unplayable. Large names as metallica, green day, rammstein, and much more are all unavailable.

Can still play them on outdated clients.

Please fix this!


While im here anyways:

The client is always a mess, very slow and with lots of bugs... why cant a billion dollar company create something that works well and is tested thoroughly before releasing?


Not flaming but its just after the issues i had over the years i've been using spotify, I'd like to know why. theres so much alternative programs that have perfect UI's and zero bugs.

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Install version 1.0.64


There is a bug in the new 1.0.65 version where a lot of artists' songs just won't play.

Me too.


The same with Rammstein, I thought the artist chosed to remove his album but I'm happy that this is just a bug... please fix it spotify, I swear I started my account creation at Deezer, glad to found this answer 🙂

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