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Can't save albums to my libary

Can't save albums to my libary

For someone reason on the app on Windows 10 I can't save albums to my libary. I can save the songs indivisually, but it's kinda annoying having to click each one just to save an album



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I see you have already saved the album. The heart icon next to the play button is white which means the album is in your library.

  1. It’s not in my library. If you look at the songs individually you sell the hearts are still not white which means they’re not in my library. 

But your question was about saving an album, wasn't it? You can now find the album in Your Library/Albums section.

On the other hand, the section Your Library/Liked Songs contains songs which you like. Do you actually like all the tracks from this album? What's the purpose of saving all tracks?

By the way I've found a solution to your problem. Just press Ctrl + A so that all tracks got selected and drag'n'drop them to Liked Songs.

So does it work for you?

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