Can't scroll down enough in list

Can't scroll down enough in list








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Windows 10


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Hello, I can't scroll down low enough to attain the last playlists when I want to add a new song. That is unless I click on the now playing playlist and then add the song higher in my PC screen.

I added a picture attached so you can see what I mean. In other words, the are some other playlists under "nouveauté 2016", but I can't reach them when I try to add a song from the song title on the left.

Thank you!

Problème Spotify Windows 10 copie.jpg
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Hi @steronehard,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for posting. 


To start, please check your computer's settings and make sure the screen resolution and text size are set to normal. When these settings are changed the app may be affected. 


If it doesn't do the trick, try running a clean reinstall of the app and download it directly from the Microsoft Store.


Let us know how this goes.

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Thank your for your reply.

I deleted everything, and reinstalled everything from the Microsoft store. I Checked my resolution, and the text size, both are on the recommended setting. I checked if it can be attributed to the screens settings. Both my Tv (screen 1) and my computer screen (2) are on the same setting.

I tried on both screens and the same problem happen. Is there a limit of playlists before it might stops working properly? I got 37 playlists.

Thank you for your time.


Hi there @steronehard


Thanks for your reply. 


The scrollbar should work regardless of the amount of playlists you have. 


Would you mind trying to log in to your account on a different PC to check if the same happens there? 


On another note, we suggest that you check if the OS of your PC has any pending updates. 


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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