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Can't select songs

Can't select songs

So the problem is that I can't select songs from saved music. When I try to select a specific song, it just throws some random song in. Playlists are working fine though. Already tried to log out/log in, reinstalling etc.

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I have the same/similar issue on Win7. When I try to play a song from a random saved album or artist, it plays only the first song. Then I have to click on Next to select the song I want to listen to.

Same here. Saved albums, no matter what track you click, start from the first song. Have rebooted, reinstalled, still doesn't work.


Playlists see to be OK, but Artist/Album navigation is stuffed.

Having a similar problem. A work-around I found was to use your phone to select songs and such. Hoping a hotfix is sent out soon.

Same thing here. Running on Windows 10 Pro, and when I click on any song in a saved album, Spotify immediateoly skips it and plays the first song on the album. I can press the NEXT and BACK buttons to navigate an album, but this is really annoying. I hope they fix it soon!

Same here OSX and Windows ... different laptops.

this seems to be a serius issue ... hope somebody take a look or get fixed in next release. BTW: spotify version:

Having the same issue, having to use my phone to pick songs on my PC; extra fun because I also have an on-going bug on my phone's Spotify where it gets stuck in an endless loading loop for about a minute every time I open it.


Spotify is a great service but their software is absolutely atrocious.

Not sure what you mean by "endless loading loop", but if you mean "Spotify opens, but is 'blank', and it takes 30-120 seconds for my data to appear", try tilting your phone. For some reason, switching the layout from portrait to landscape (or vice versa) fixes this. Another longstanding bug in Spotify. ๐Ÿ˜ž 

When I open Spotify on my phone it gives me a little buffering wheel, similar to the one that happens when YouTube freezes, so I think you're describing the same problem yeah. Thanks for a tip, I'll give it a go; it's ridiculous that Spotify has been aware of this bug for so long and done nothing to fix it, though...

Same problem here, please fix it. It is quite annoying to click next button to reach a song in the middle of 80 tracks album.

Same problem here. Please fix ASAP

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