Can't stop Spotify from auto downloading OneDrive


Can't stop Spotify from auto downloading OneDrive








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Windows 10


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I can't stop Spotify from auto downloading my entire OneDrive. Not just the songs. And letting it do so, will overfill my SSD of just 120 GB, I literally can't use the app until this is resolved. Blocking the app from auto-downloading within windows has no effect.


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I solved it in options:

Activate show local files

deactivating all the folders that appear below included onedrive

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I have the same issue but for me it´s only for songfiles. Blocking the download does work for me as long I don´t exit and restart the spotify app.


My temporary workaround is to disable sync of my music folder at onedrive


Same problem every time I start Spotify. I am really getting annoyed with companies who do things like this without first asking if you want to do it and then you can't turn it off. Spotify does not manage my PC storage nor does it pay for my bandwidth which it indiscriminately uses. Get your act together, please!


Hey @RaverKitty,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this!


Just to confirm, do you have the option to toggle off the OneDrive folder under Settings > Local Files?


If not, then is the workaround which @hylo suggested a viable option?


Keep us posted 🙂


the problem persist, spotify is downloading all the onedrive music on my tablet automatically without permission (and space). and there is no otion in settings to stop it. 

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I solved it in options:

Activate show local files

deactivating all the folders that appear below included onedrive


I installed the desktop app again and as soon as I logged in it started downloading from OneDrive. I cancelled the downloading, opened settings in Spotify and your suggestion did sort of work. I activated local files and then just turned off Downloads and Music Library.
So far it is behaving itself and not downloading, so thanks for this tip.
To Spotify, this problem has existed a long time and there are many other users suffering from this, please just get it fixed.


I think that did the trick for me. I haven't seen it try to get anything else. 


This appears to be a bug because I had local files disabled by default. 


Problem solved, thanks! It was really annoying.


Hey folks,


Glad to hear that you were able to find a solution to this issue!


We appreciate your feedback and we've made sure to pass it on to the right team.


Thanks! Stay awesome 🙂


Well, this is great news! Sorry my original post was written in frustration and very pleased Spotify took it seriously and came up with the remedy. Thanks to the team  


I just installed the app and started behaving the described way. However, going into settings shows the "Play local files" option was disabled. The workaround was enabling it, disabling each folder individually, then disabling the feature completely. The app should ask the user if they want to use local files on first run and, if for whatever reason you still want to index local files for some hidden reason, please be considerate and try to detect if the file/folder is marked as online only. Here's how to do it:


If "Show local files" is deactivated Spotify has no business scanning anything on my drive. This shouldn't be an issue to start with, nevermind one I need to resort to Google to find a fix for.




It's now February 2020, six months after the OP reported this problem and it's still an issue in (Microsoft Store version).

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