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Can't stop Spotify from launching at startup

Can't stop Spotify from launching at startup

Running windows 7 and latest version of Spotify.  I have checked DON'T launch Spotify at startup in my preferences. I just looked and this is still selected.  Removed Spotify from my startup folder, ran selective startup and unchecked Spotify, even ran a program which showed me all registry entries running at startup and unchecked anything that said Spotify there, yet when I reboot Spotify still launches. I am a PC tech and yet this issue has me at my wit's end.  I searched all the community articles on this subject and was unable to find a solution.


I am a premium subscriber and don't want to have to remove Spotify from my PC.  Any help is appreciated.

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I assume you've tried it but all I come to think of is unchecking spotify in the "Startup and window behaviour" tab and msconfig autostart + restart.

It seems rare that this wouldn't work, i had some similar problem but with windows 7 keyboard emulator was annoying as **bleep**, wouldn't budge.

Maybe google around for some looser terms about this behaviour.

Hope it goes well, friend! 🙂


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