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Can't use/uninstall Spotify

Can't use/uninstall Spotify

I'm having issues with spotify on my PC, when i start-up the computer a pop up appears saying that spotify cant open with two options, try againg ehich only makes the pop up appear again nad ignore which makes spotify appear after a couple minutes but its all black and doesn't work,  i cant do anything unless i put music with my phone to play on the computer.

I thought maybe uninstalling an installing again would work but it doesn't appear on the list of apps to uninstall and if I open the spotify Installer it says it's already installed

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Hi there @LarsArvid,

thanks for reaching out about this !


It seems like a local issue with the device you're using an not an issue with the app or installer.


I can only suggest you get any Registry Cleaner app you can find in order to try and scan for any traces of bad installation so the app can fix them.


Another way to try and remove the app is to get an external removal software and try checking if it appears there.


Hope this helps in any sort of way 🙂

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