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Can we sort Liked Songs by Artist, then by Album?

Can we sort Liked Songs by Artist, then by Album?







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Windows 10 Version 2004


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Is there a way to sort the "Liked Songs" by Artist, and then by Album? It currently seems to sort by Artist, then by Title, which honestly is a very poor way to sort music.

I know Spotify is trying to push new features and new ways to browse music, but I just want to be able to view my entire library in 1 easily readable list. This is how I have listened to music for years, and it would be a deal breaker for me if I can't browse the way I used to.

I hope there is a simple fix. I don't want to switch to Apple Music.

Attached is a screenshot of how my library is unorganized by default now.

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Having the same issue. Very frustrating, as having a single list sorted by artist and then album is my preferred way of viewing music. I hope this is an option that can be re-implemented. I'm very curious why it changed in the first place?

cause they only want to use us to find music for them they don't care about making it easy for us to sort

It's unfortunate to see this has been an issue for so long, and still not fixed.

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