Canciones agregadas a playlists no aparecen


Canciones agregadas a playlists no aparecen

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Soy de Colombia. Tengo un PC con Windows 7. Tengo una cuenta gratis y utilizo la versión (según la información de Acerca de Spotify).


Mi problema es que tengo algunas playlists con ciertas canciones en ellas. Últimamente agrego canciones a las playlists pero no aparecen agregadas. Lo más curioso es que las vuelvo a agregar y me dice que si deseo saltar duplicadas o agregar de todas formas cuando ni siquiera aparecen al agregarlas la primera vez.

Agradecería cualquier ayuda o si alguien tuvo el mismo problema y sabe la solución.


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Re: Canciones agregadas a playlists no aparecen

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Hey @musicsybarite, help's here.


Hope you don't mind us replying in English. Sounds like there's a delay in synchronizing your saved music with your account. We suggest that you do the following after adding a song to a playlist and see if it works:

  1. Log out and log back in.
  2. Restart your PC.
  3. Reinstall Spotify.
  4. Restart your router.
  5. Change network connection if possible.

Let us know if any of the steps does the trick. Keep us updated 🙂


Re: Canciones agregadas a playlists no aparecen


a mi ma pasa exactamente lo mismo. Con la Playlist de canciones de mi hijo, muchas no salen. Ya supiste porqué era?... saludos desde chile! 

Re: Canciones agregadas a playlists no aparecen


Hey there @Gonvivar,


Thanks for reaching out to us 🙂


Hope you don't mind us replying in English as it's the Community's official language.


We'd suggest your son starts off by restarting the device. Then he can log out and log back in again. 


If that doesn't help, he can give these steps a go and run a clean reinstall. That way your son can make sure the app is up-to-date and the cache is not causing this issue.


If that doesn't do the trick, he can try running the app as an administrator.


Does this happen on another device? That way we can check if it's a device-related issue.


Keep us posted! We'll be right here if you have any questions.



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