Cant Download Spotify again. Error code 17

Cant Download Spotify again. Error code 17

Hi hope you are well, please could you help me with an Error i have had for sometime on this laptop i have. I habe a Hp windows 7 laptop by the way. I used to have Spotify installed when it was windows xp or what ever earlier version it was. Spotify was then deleted from it and now i cant download it on to my laptop now for some reason. It is saying i have already got it but im sure it is not on my desktop. So i then try to obviously download it again and now it says initializing spotify, then comes up unable to start spotify .... Error code 17. 


ANy ideas i have tried everything in my knowlegde to sort it. 

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Have you tried running in compatibility mode?
you can also listen to spotify online by going to the online music player. 

I am having the same issue. I fired up my Win7 Professional laptop this morning and Spotify would not launch. I attempted to reinstall and was met with Error 17. I then attempted to uninstall Spotify through both the Control Panel and CCleaner--both blocked the action. I attempted both actions again in Safe Mode--no dice. Finally, I manually deleted reg items--I still cannot install Spotify without throwing Error 17.

Yeah this needs to be sorted. Im paying monthly fees and cant get it on my laptop. Not happy.

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