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Cant Search all tracks of an artist

Cant Search all tracks of an artist








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Windows 7


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Hello people i have a little but a big problem for me

for about 2 weeks i cant search all tracks of an artist

it gives me 100 songs and keep loading and dont do nothing

since i use that to make my playlists its a major problem to me

does anybody have that ?

Thanks in advance

Nelson Martins


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Does anyone have the same problem?

no one? please

Yes, I am having the same problem. Also, I can no longer sort by any of the fields, not even Title.

same problem windows 10 albums artists etc

older versions did work i since i posted this has been 3 updates even today and still dont work ... it just keep lpoading in mobile you can but you have to had one on one it takes to much time ...

Hey @NelsonMartins.


Thanks for reaching out to us about this in the Community.


This is an issue which we're aware of and we're currently looking into fixing.


Make sure to head over to this thread so that you can keep track of updates from us.


Hope that helps!

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