Cant add any song to my playlists


Cant add any song to my playlists

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When i right click on song and try to add it to my list , it is not showing my lists. There are only "starred" and "windows media player" lists showing. 

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Re: Cant add any song to my playlists

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Hello and welcome:


Which version of Windows and when you mean that your playlists are not showing when you right click on something, you are refereeing to the right click context menu not showing playlists displayed there correct?


Have you tried logging out and back in a few times, and also have you tried doing a fresh clean reinstall of the app?


Also have you created any Playlist folders and put your playlists into these? If you have you will now have to access each playlist from within each folder in the right click context menu now, just highlight with the mouse pointer whichever playlist folder a playlist is in and the context menu will expand to reveal more options to the right.



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