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Cant install a thing aka Spotify vs Local Sybols

Cant install a thing aka Spotify vs Local Sybols








Operating System

Windows 8.1 with all the published (and installed) updates


My Question or Issue

 Hello everybody,


So, I'm here to address the issue I've been having recently with Spotify's desktop app, which I've been using quite extensively over last few... years?.


I've had to reinstall my OS recently cause of the garbage it collected (couple of development environments, java, python, ms visual studio, sql and so on... and so on... which You can't really painlessly completely delete) so it was either doing a format C: or working on slow pc.  So i did. FOrmat C. My username changed to Michał (important, mark the "ł" at the end of it) and local directory is now Michał.<PC_NAME>.


And here comes the trouble. 


Spotify can't update. It returns the startup crach saying plain "spotify update wasn't able to start properly".


How could it. So i worked on the old version untill i decided that it's time to... reinstall it to the latest one 🙂


And here comes the problem nr 2.


I wasn;t able to install spotify. Whenever I tried to run the installer from my local folders (desktop, my documents or anywhere under Michał.<PC_NAME>... nothing happened. As if I was clicking blank space. No error. No crash dump. Absolutely... nothing. And as I was on the verge of installing Splunk or other monitoring service in hope to find a glimps of hope in the system logs...


But then i saw... THAT...


The "Ł" in my name!


When I moved the downloader to different location (Plain drive D:) it worked. MAGIC! It downloaded the Spotify. But then, nothing have happened. As curious as I was, I did some further searching and found Spotify's full installer here:




Moved it to 😧 and... Voila. Spotify has been installed properly. But as it is by default installed under my local user location... It will crash again in near future.



1) Feel free to use it as a workaround for complaining customers

2) Do something, for the god's sake, with this problem with interpretation of local symbols. Latin isn't the only set of symbols out there... in the broad... wide... world 🙂

3) Why the heck it does use the IE cache?!


Looking forward for a reply,

Your sincerely,


But who is still free user on community page.




4) Why the commnity pages doesn't percieve me as a payed user?!

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