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Cant play any songs!


Cant play any songs!


Premium (Family)




My Desktop at home (Spotify works on my phone)

Operating System

Windows 10


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 All songs from my playlist disappeared and i cant play any songs!

They just vanish...

Already tried reinstalling several times and rebooting my computer. Nothing works.

Video explains everything I think... : - Password: Spotify


Hope someone can help because its sooooo annoying...


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Im having literally the same issue and i have no idea what is happening


I hope someone smart will come and save us soon. Sitting at the computer without music is awful.

yeah i hope so though im not sure if its the servers or not

I found a fix for it but have you changed your files before to not have ads?

Doubt its the servers... I have had this problem for a week, but two reinstalls a day used to fix it. Doesn't anymore though...

Tbh I can't remember if I have used an adblocker before...

Doubt it but if you could link me the fix then ill try it 🙂


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Here you go scroll down to the solution and it explains pretty well

Thanks! Will try it now.

@Edici wrote:

Here you go scroll down to the solution and it explains pretty well

**bleep** it work!!! Thanks so much!

Good luck with fixing your problem.


*even got my friendsfeed working again!!!*

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