Certain ads FREEZE the app


Re: Certain ads FREEZE the app

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The SunLife ad seems to be one of those blocking the app 😒


Re: Certain ads FREEZE the app


I frequently get an ad (any ad, by the way, not the same one: today (8/2/2020) it was one advertising the Black Crowes gig somewhere) freezing my playlist. The only ways I can rectify this problem is to reboot my desktop PC (Windows 10 Pro) or uninstall and reinstall Spotify. A couple of times there has been a notification in my settings re an updated version waiting to be installed and installing the update has unblocked the ad freeze also. I get similar issues on the Times Online (the paid subscription) website which generates a message that a script has stopped running whilst the page is loading; and even in Outlook emails, too. The problem , in my opinion, is the ads wanting to take precedence over everything else (and there are, overall, just too many ads on web pages nowadays: I know, its a free service, but.....). And, whilst I am on the subject of ads, please Spotify, can you both reduce the number and loudness of ads (this really grinds my gears, I tell you what!) during the night time? I often go to sleep to my own 'Beddie-byes' playlist and am sometimes woken up by unbelievably loud and hyper-excited ads.

Re: Certain ads FREEZE the app


Hey @gritpype1, @richgb and the rest,


Thanks for all the feedback regarding this issue so far.


If this is still happening to you, we recommend you head to this Ongoing Issue to add your + VOTE and make sure to leave all the relevant information, so that the right folks can get to the bottom of this.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies 🙂

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