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Connect spotify to facebook to find friends?

Connect spotify to facebook to find friends?






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I still have the same problem for two years. To find friends on spotify I must connect it to my Facebook account, after that I get a connection error message that also says I can't connect and therefore I can't find friends. Besides that, Facebook disconnects itself from spotify. It is overwhelming to want to find my friends who have a Spotify account and not knowing how to do it anymore.

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Hi there @user-removed,

thanks for reaching out !


If i understand correctly, you have connected your FB account to your Spotify account and having issues specifically with your friends activity ?


In order to learn more on the behavior and connection of your Spotify account with FB, please make sure to read all about it here.


Furthermore, this info page holds all the info needed on your "Friends Activity" feature of the app.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if i miss understood and if there's anything else i can help with 🙂

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