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Connect suddenly changes current playlist

Connect suddenly changes current playlist

Whenever I have music playing on my desktop my phone is automatically using Connect to be able to control the desktop app. I'm not using Connect to control at all but it still activates anyway.


However it randomly changes my current playlist and removes my whole playing queue sometimes, which is very annoying. This has happened ever since Connect was introduced.

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Connect isn't fully implemented in the desktop client yet which is causing some weird behaviour. For me play queue gets messed up if I accidentally start playback on my mobile device.

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If it isn't fully implemented why is it active, I'd rather not have it than have it mess with what I'm playing on my desktop. I can't find a way to disable my phone from connecting either.


I'm not using my phone when this happens, it's just lying on my desk locked and screen off.

Yes - here too.


Active queue suddenly (in mid-song) changes to some random song. (Not a song I've recently listened to on my mobile or pc).


It happens multiple times an hour. 

Phone is just lying on tha table (Cyanogenmod Samsung S5)

Android Spotify App ((latest available at this moment)

Pc version of Spotify ( (latest available at this moment)


This on top of randomisation issues, losing songs because artists stop licensing Spotify...   I'm back to downl-owning. 😞




Same here! It's been happening for a few days. If I have a queue with songs added to a play list works fine. But in the case of a manual queue after a few songs the queue is changed to the non-manual playlist (annoying specially when it's the result of a search and sounds the same song over and over...)

Same here, problem also between an IOS and an Android device with the same account in combination with the gramofon box (connect). Absolutly no user interaction but songs changes or playback stops randomly.
So short before my girlfriend accepts the new "hightech **bleep**"... But so? 😞

Same, happens all the time since the latest update. Right now it has just made up a completely random order from a playlist I own and shuffle is not enabled. Don't even know how that's possible.


Also when I choose to sort my playlist from most recent to older, it often times decides to switch order of playing and goes back to playing what I just heard and going from older tracks towards most recent. 


None of these times am I even touching my phone, this is only using Spotify on Windows, even though I do have an android phone that does connect automatically, I am not controlling anything from it though when these problems occur.

I have this issue as well. Not only that, it doesn't just skip to the next song, it begins playing from some random spot in said song.

Same here. The only remedy seems to be to set the phone in Off-line mode while listening on the PC.

I've got the same problem, but not only with desktop-mobile connection (which is most irritating tough), but also with my Gramofon device. Sometimes it just gets lost : at first I see my tablet is playing different track than I'm hearing from my PC or speakers connected to Gramofon and then, next track from my pc/gramofon queue is replaced by rest of (wrong) tablet queue.

Having the same issue, hope this gets fixed soon.

I join this thread with the same issue. In my case I have no connections with a mobile device, but still it just stops in the middle of a song. When starting again it plays another song from some other playlist wich it doesn't display selected. It also starts playing from somewhere in the middle of the new song.

For me, it works like this:


1 - Music playing on desktop, Android app is closed.

2 - Open Spotify app on Android while desktop is still playing.


ACTUAL BEHAVIOUR: Android client becomes the Desktop controller by default but overrides the existing Desktop playlist with the Android playlist.


EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR: Either the Android app automatically becomes a controller for the Desktop, but doesn't overwrite the playlist, or gives you an option to 1 - Connect to PC or not, and 2 - Use Android playlist or Desktop playlist.


This one tiny quirk prevents me from using this feature more often as my desktop experience, at the moment, will always be changed by whatever I happened to have playing on my mobile previously.


I have the same issue. Even when uninstalling the app on my mobile device, this behaviour continues.

I have exact this behaviour as well, now in August 2015. Happened to me at least 10 times yesterday, August 24th. The same behaviour happen not only from my PC but also when listening from my mobiles, mobile1 (Android) and mobile 2 (IPhone). The very odd is that it is the same old playlist that comes up, a plylist not played for very long time (1 year?).

I join this thread with the same issue. In my case I have no connections with a mobile device, but still it just stops in the middle of a song. When starting again it plays another song from some other playlist wich it doesn't display selected. It also starts playing from somewhere in the middle of the new song.

The use of connect is so niche it's actually ridiculous! Way more hinderances than benefits! Literally it only saves walking to my computer once or twice during a party... Would rather not lose my play queues/have to be offline all the time to be honest. Such an easy fix to all these problems too (a simple on/off switch like they have for way fancier stuff...)

i have similar issues, I have a windows desktop app + fire tablet app +  Yamaha network streamer


I dont ever listen on the tablet but I often use it to control the desktop app playback,

i use the tablet app also to  flip playback between my deskop app and my yamaha streamer via spotifdy connect


BUT sometimes , the tablet/desktop app do not show the yamaha as an available device,and when I acess the yamah directly via its remote or itsremote app I see that it has some older spotify play queue paused. so it did that just- the desktop was playign one queue and hte yamah was playign an album from yesterday!


so I can actually had my single spotify account playing two differenc streams on 2 devices which is supposed to be impossible ! and it's really hard to get themback in sync. I have to do lots off random on/off, close desktop app/ stop tablet app / clear cache to sort it.


I woull like to know what causes this to happen and how to best clear it when it does. I am the only spotify user within range and I have only one premium account. 


NB the yamaha does auto sleep after some period of activity, that may be a factor, e.g. it goes to sleep with a spotify playlist in its memory and does not re-sync to my account when it is woken back up ?


Now, given that the yamaha can be told to play/pause stop in 3 ways - via the spotify connect feature, via its own app, via it's fonrt panel controls/its own remote there is certainly scope for confuision, but all I want to know is how to keep my devices in sync and how to reset things when it goes wrong. The yamaha does not have a ful spotify interface, it just lets spotify be selected as a source and needs to be controoled via a remote spotify connect interface


5 years later.... Is it still not "fully implemented?"

how hard it is to add a new table thats saves the device and the current playlist for that device? i mean seriously, how incompetent can you be?

7 Years and this dumb idea is still just as useless as it was in 2014. What a shame. I didn't even go to college and in 7 years I could figure out how to fix this.

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