Controlling Spotify on Windows PC from Google Home


Controlling Spotify on Windows PC from Google Home

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It's 2019 and I'm busy telling a small white plastic pot to do things in my home.  It's pretty cool.  I can even control Spotify with it - neato!  I can get Google Home to play Spotify on any device in my home except my PC; annoyingly this happens to be attached to the Big Amp with the Big Speakers and is where I would most like to hear Spotify 99% of the time.


I can control playback on any device FROM the Windows PC - why can't I control playback TO the PC from any device?  Why can't Spotify present my PC as an audio playback device to Google Home?  What makes it all the more confounding is that I can send Spotify from the app on my Android phone (Pixel 2 XL since you ask) and play it on the PC.  All my devices can clearly all see each other: why can't I do this with voice?


And before anyone suggests it I don't want to have to add another device (such as Chromecast) which would mean having to switch inputs on the amplifier or TV or other such faffing about - I just want to be able to be able to say, "Hey Google; play Spotify on the PC..." and have it play.


Is it a Spotify issue or do I need to go and moan at Google?

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I'm so glad I took the time to ask this question...


Thanks Spotify...


Please make this happen Spotify, this is a big feature with great value and with a small implementation!


This is something I'd really like to do too, come on Spotify!


I'd love to see that happen sometime in the (hopefully near) future!

That's the only thing stopping me form gettin a Google Home device...


I also just realized that I couldn't select my Google Home speaker from my PC. I can select my XBox 1 and PS4 but not the Google Home device.

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I gotta assume this is a spotify issue, because I can cast to my Google Home from Google Music on my PC, or youtube, or chrome in general. Once I have begun casting to my Home via my phone, I can control it via my PC, which is cool, but it would be much more convenient to just start it from my PC itself. Please help spotify!

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I have exactly the same issue. I have a mediacenter running windows10 connected to a set of 5.1 speakers in the living room and would love to use my Google Home to control Spotify on it !


Usa IFTT, Join y Eventghost


Have been researching a fix for this exact problem for some time now, can't tell if spotify has said anything on the topic yet. Tried IFTT + pushbullet with no luck... I would prefer not to have to rely on third party software to do such a simple thing with my google devices and premium membership for 2+ years. Pixel 3 xl, Google Home, Windows 10 + external speakers. 


honestly, the best thing for any of us to do is to cancel our memberships.

There's no point in asking spotify to *improve* their service by adding features when they are so dead-set on axxing popular features from the app with every subsequent release and laughing at their userbase.

EVERY release we lose something new, I don't even know why I bother even checking to see if somone has asked spotify to *add* something like this when I'm wondering if Spotify can do it. It seems like every time I come here it's either a) a thread asking (with no response from Spotify) for a new feature, or b) a thread asking why [x] was removed, 50 replies agreeing, and one canned response from a dev saying "Oh, users like this? We'll look into it!" and then they never do. Have you tried using it in landscape mode recently? Remember how we used to get notification dots when a new album released our a favorite artist was in town? Remember how collab playlists used to be WORTH collaborating on? Sorting of search results? In-app messaging? Starred playlists? Gone, adios, buh-bye!

I've been a user since 2011. This month I'm done. I've kept Google Music this long because ad-free youtube is awesome and an included perk. More beer money for me, and even  better, Google Music is much better for curating your own uploads to have available ANYWHERE. So for you fellow local band folks out there, it's a major plus.

I've stuck around, browsed these forums hoping that a dev somewhere cared enough to actually hear from threads like this when things are canned or requested. But hear this: THEY. DON'T. CARE.

I'd advise anyone reading this to stop bending over backwards to accept the continually gutted shell that used to be spotify and switch to one of the many alternatives. I'm cancelling, myself. This song and dance is so tired and old.

They don't listen, they won't listen, and are very aware that we keep paying.

Show them why they're wrong. Make them change.

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Hey guys,


Since Spotify won't implement this basic and nice feature, do you know if it's possible to do with Google Play Music?


If so, I'll switch for sure.


I looked a bit around, but I can't find any confirmation. 


Thanks !

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Yup it does. I actually came from GPM. Spotify does have a lot of features I like better than google's service, but casting is certainly not one of them. 

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Thank you very much Nick for your answer!


And what are those features that Spotify has but not GPM that made you change? 

I'm asking because I'm seriously considering going to GPM for this reason (casting) and also for the better integration of tracks that are not available on the service (it's a real pain in the **bleep** to add non-Spotify tracks to the library for them to be available on all devides). 


Thanks again! 🙂 

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Spotify just feels much more alive and relevant to me than GPM. I like things like Discover Weekly and the Daily Mixes it creates. I think Spotifys playlists are better integrated, and better curated than google's (as well as playlists created by artists) The interface overall I like better, like the ability to easily see an artists merch and tour dates, and follow specific artists. And I like the community element, like being able to see what your friends are listening to (although I still think they could do a better/more fleshed out job of integrating this). 


Also I'm fairly sure that GPM is being combined/integrated into Youtube Music at some point. Not sure how that'll manifest exactly. But yeah, the ability to add your entire library of local music to GPM is pretty great.

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Well after continually ignoring users asking for new, useful features and the ridiculous removal of features we DO use (where TF has my widget gone?!) I'm cancelling my premium Spotify.  The only way they'll realise is when it starts to hit them in financially as people leave.


I've just started a TIDAL HiFi trial (FLAC-quality streaming? Widget for the app? FOOK YES!  It's like it's 2019!) - I've realised I don't use Spotify that much on Google Home now so I'm going to move on.

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Does Tidal have nearly the music library that Spotify does? If so then you've just convinced me to change. 

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Wow, yeah the removal of the widget is the nail in the coffin for me. 

How can they not listen to the community like that ?! 

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TIDAL = 60m songs

Lossless sound quality (FLAC/ALAC @ 44.1khz 16Bit).  Also has MQA ultra-high quality if you have kit that can play it.

Has a widget



Spotify = 40m songs

Compressed 320kbps

Does not have a widget



The only thing I can't do is control TIDAL via Google Home but I CAN cast it from the phone to individual Google Home Max speakers or the whole Home Group.  Small sacrifice really if I'm honest.  Surprisingly you can really hear the benefit of FLAC - I didn't think it would be that noticeable but it is.


I can't see me ever coming back to Spotify now.


Same here! That's why I started searching about this issue! Spotify, fix this!


EDIT: I just figured out that if you start up a playlist on the Google Home Mini Speaker, then that speaker as well as controls for playback and volume will then be availeble on the PC desktop app. Silly way to have to get it going, considering the Google Home Mini is actively visible on my local network at all times. THIS IS STILL A BROKEN FEATURE, AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED. Also, please bring back the mini view of current playing song on the PC version. It is useful.