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Cover art bug

Cover art bug






Android 8.0.0 

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

The cover art for my latest playlist are bugged. I've provided some screenshots.


So Spotify can create automatic cover art for you, it basically takes the first 4 albums of the playlist, and puts the cover arts of those 4 albums together, to make it into 1. I've been doing this for years now, and it's always worked fine. But right now, they keep bugging out. I get 2 of the same cover arts, sometimes I even only get 1 cover art, instead of 4. Then when I back out of the playlist, and look at the overview of my playlists, it even duplicates a different cover art than when I click on the playlist. It's also different each day it seems. Because sometimes it seems to be fine, but then it goes back to it. This has been going on for like 2 weeks now.


This has only happened with my latest 2 playlists, and it's getting pretty annoying. ( It also happens on my phone )


Anyone know a solution, or is this a known bug from Spotify?

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