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Daily Mix is completely ruined

Daily Mix is completely ruined

I wonder if anyone experienced the same problem and maybe has a solution for it (browsing the forums nobody posted about it recently);
I had 6 great Daily Mixes from 6 different genres, containing the right amount of both new and already known music. Within the style it was fairly diverse, so it didn't really play the same artist in like 1,5-2 hours. Until one day it got totally mixed up, for example one genre got split in 3 separate mixes, sometimes with music from another genre which previously had its own Mix, and other genres just disappeared from among my Mixes, not to say that it's now mainly the same artists in every mix, repeating very often, very annoying. In other words, they got completely destroyed by a secret algorithm (?).
Did anyone experience the same problem, is there any solution for it, something which "reverses" these crappy Mixes?
5 Replies

Same here, apparently Spotify messed up big time by tinkering with Daily Mix features that we all used to love.



I am experiencing the same problem here. A few months ago it was all fine, one mix was playing metal ballads while other was classical etc. Now, this definite genre separation has just gone. 

Got the same problem here, worse still my 00s pop mix has divided into three and they have really weird combinations, my otacore list can't decide if it wants to be one or two, and sometimes my rap list splits too, also I miss the old rolling daily mix (the one that would generate new songs to play as you went down it).

Still scratching my head over this one too. 

I have Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco mixed in with my Christian Pop.


...o..kay? Who thought configuring the algorithm to do that is a good idea?

same. Now it groups songs from genres I love and genres I have... literally never listened to. INTO THE SAME DAILY MIX???!

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