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Daily Mix lists don't show many of my previously saved cuts as saved

Daily Mix lists don't show many of my previously saved cuts as saved

Starting a few days ago, certain cuts are showing on my Daily Mix as NOT having been previously saved (no check mark), even though the same songs from the same albums are showing on my "song" list as having been saved on a prior date. When I save them (again) on the Mix, I'm then showing two of the same song saved on my "song" list. This problem has made it very difficult to keep a clean Spotify song list.







Samsung Android Phone, HP Laptop

Operating System

Android, Windows 10


5 Replies

Hey @hemophobe, welcome to the Community!


That sounds odd. What Spotify version are you running? Does the issue persist after logging out and back in a few times?


Let us know how it goes.


I have version, which I believe is the latest Windows version.  I will try logging out and back in a couple of times on both my Android and Windows apps to see if that solves the problem.  If I remember correctly, the problem may have only, or mostly, happened for cuts by the group Crooked Still. Not sure if it's from only one pf their albums. I will let you know how it goes.  Thanks.

This is just weird.  Same problem, with Daily Mixes showing some Crooked Still cuts as not having been saved, though those same cuts from the same albums ARE in fact on my saved songs list.  If I save the cut again, I get a duplicate on my list. I did sign in and out of both my Windows and Android app once, with the same result.  And I have the current versions of both apps. I'll try signing in and out again; nothing to lose. Not expecting a fix.

Hey @hemophobe.


Thanks for giving that a try and getting back to us. 


It only happens with tracks from that artist? In this case, it's best if you try a clean reinstall to see if it helps.


Let us know how it goes.


Clean reinstalled both my Windows and Android apps.  (Used Revo Uninstaller for Windows to delete all associated files.)  Didn't help.  My Crooked Still cuts are still showing on Daily Mix 1 as not being saved, even though they are.  I can certainly live with this, but it's annoying.

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